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Funny status in Hindi. If you’re using a default status on your profile, awaken! Default whatsapp status proves that you’re a newbie or unaware of all of the advantages of this crazy messaging app. The best thing regarding these statuses are that you may use them to earn a funny message to sent to your buddies, families or groups. So, these were some funny Whatsapp status that you may share with anyone you wish to make them laugh whenever you desire. Whatsapp funny statuses are among the best methods to earn someone happy anywhere and anytime. So, below are some of the very best funny WhatsApp status which you are able to share with anyone you need to.

When you’re in love you would love to see smile always within her face. Sometimes all you will need is love. You may never buy Love… But still you need to pay for it.

You both are connected to one another on Whatsapp. Whatsapp is really the most easy and affordable way, which is used throughout the world. Whatsapp used by a large number of people, group all over the Earth, If you need to update your whatsapp funny status, then be prepared to make big fun guys.