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Humans are full of emotions. Sad, happy, worry, and some more emotions (This website convert emotions into Hindi status). Humans are connected to each other. They have some people that love them. And have some people that hate them. Some like to live with family. And some like to live alone. Some like to live outside the home with friends. And some like to live with family but unfortunately live alone. Humans are very complicated. They share their feelings with other.

Now days people contact with each other by mobiles. But in past days people contact directly. Because people communicate using mobiles they need some status that express their feelings. People live different countries and have different languages. So they need status in their own language. Therefore I make website for Indian. Indian understand Hindi language. There is a lot of Hindi status of all categories. Some categories are discuses  in the first paragraph.

This website contain Hindi status and also pictures (images). People can share these status on Facebook and Whatsapp. So enjoy this website and recommend it to your friends.

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Wedding status in Hindi and English. Wedding is a spacial day. People enjoy Wedding of every friend and family member. Therefore, People send Wedding status in Hindi. They celebrate Wedding with family and with friends. Wedding Status in Hindi and English शादी करने के बाद और मोबाइल लेने के बाद एक ही बात का अफ़सोस […]